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As previously noted, First-Tree is committed to sustainability as the only feasible future for farming and the planet as a whole in the long run and therefore the First-Tree product range enables you to make a gradual switch to a more sustainable agriculture and provides you with the means to increase yields and achieve a competitive advantage that also benefits your very livelihood.

There is more. From time to time, certain aspects of our pursuits open the door to new horizons and quite recently it so happened that one of our colleagues, prompted by a personal tragedy, started to investigate the possible therapeutic properties of strawberries while conducting a greenhouse experiment with that crop. What he found in the scientific literature was simply overwhelming.

We all know strawberries are beautiful and tasty fruits packed with a lot of beneficial compounds promoting health and well-being. One ingredient in particular, holds a property that everyone should know about yet only very few do. This ingredient is fisetin, a powerful natural anti-oxidant which amongst others has been shown to stop the propagation of cancerous cells and also supports a healthy brain activity.

Without any intention to present ourselves as experts, we want to share the knowledge referred to in the attached pdf files with all visitors of this site and encourage everybody to investigate the subject further.

Meanwhile, we are committed to make fisetin available in its purest form to the community at large. This service will be affordable and will include a dispenser and precise instructions for usage.

View pdf: A dietary antioxidant for health promotion

View pdf: Strawberries as health promotion

View pdf: Therapeutic potential of Fisetin

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