News Lily research First-Tree will be continued in the greenhouse
Lily research First-Tree will be continued in the greenhouse. More buds in crop after improving vitality.
Greenity article
Independent research by Delphy shows that the plant regulator Good For Greens from the company First-Tree gives on average 10 percent more weight to lily bulbs. Click here to read the full article as published in the magazine of Greenity.
Randwijk: 'Resultaten First-Tree bij kersen'
In the latest newsletter of Randwijk the results of Good for Greens are reviewed in a pilot with cherries.
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Over the last 5 years, First-Tree B.V.has provided plant growth regulators to some of the most prestigious names in the global horticulture business, from bulb and flower growers, nurseries and plant propagators to soft and stone fruit growers including research institues.

Established in 2016, the independent company based in The Hague, the Netherlands is overseen by a management team having broad experience in innovative projects, along with a global network of contacts.

First-Tree’s approach is transparent, friendly and straight. Its plant growth regulator provides tangible, independently verified results at an affordable price that many larger companies struggle to match.

From its inception, First-Tree B.V.has worked to create a more sustainable, organic and fair horticulture. Previously, there was little talk of considering social or environmental impacts in horticulture. Today, horticulture, with its power and ability to naturally feed us all and decorate our homes and gardens, is on the front line of creating a fairer, more inclusive society.



Short story about First-Tree
Prior to founding First-Tree B.V., its founding father developed a solution containing nano-size nitrogen bubbles which appeared to stimulate growth and flowering of plants. Since the solution had to be made fresh on site using a large pressure vessel, to turn this into a viable business was a challenge to say the least. This prompted the quest for a product having similar growth stimulating effects as the bubble solution, during that period we got into contact with a professor in Austria who had more than 20 years of research experience with various plant extracts having just those properties. From there on and on the basis of a technology exchange, a strong working relationship was established that served to improve our understanding of the material we are still working with.

Our first pilot was with a farmer in Wieringerwerf, the Netherlands on a small patch with tulips where, after lifting and sorting the bulbs, we observed a jump in size. Those results opened many doors including that of G. Geerlings en Zonen B.V. (now Dümmen-Orange) where we treated a couple of beds of Calla tubers. Based on the results all first year Calla tubers are now treated with the GOOD FOR GREENS® plant growth regulator.

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What our customers say

Jan Hoekstra, cherry grower
Jan Hoekstra of Fruit Growing Company Hoekstra* is amongst others known for his expertise and in addition for his sustainable method of growing.

Jan Hoekstra uses the GOOD FOR GREENS® products of First-Tree B.V. for several years and is convinced of their effectiveness.
Jan: ‘Three years ago I started to treat a small area of cherries, apples and plums with GOOD FOR GREENS®. And with succes. Therefore, the year after I have scaled up and this year I have treated all of my cherries, plums and apples with GOOD FOR GREENS®. And I have no regret. The people at First-Tree B.V. are reliable. They provide higher yields and superior quality.’

Fruit Growing Company Hoekstra is a modern fruit company in Luttelgeest, Flevoland, growing a.o. cherries, plums and apples . The company owns one of the largest and most modern orchards of the North of the Netherlands. And supplies a.o. products to The Greenery auction (Cooperative Coforta). Jan Hoekstra’s company has been ‘Global G.A.P.’ certified for many years (Global Good Agricultural Practice). And thus meets the requirements regarding food safety, sustainability and quality which are laid upon farmers and growers worldwide.
Test results
All test results Test results

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IFV conducts studies of general interest for the whole French wine industry.
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We did multiple tests at Delphy, click for more details.
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Jan Hoekstra
The people at First Tree are reliable. They provide higher yields and superior quality.
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'Our journey is about getting together - and together achieving goodness'
Fran├žois Bernard, CEO First-Tree B.V.