Chef's Table


Chef’s table is about food – good food – excellent and uncompromised food and behind it is Ecoville and its visionary Perry Falter.

First-Tree couldn’t be prouder but to work with Perry, and to understand why, the best way to do so is to let him introduce himself in his own words.

“Our products are chemically untreated and they also don’t have to be sprayed, because when giving vegetables enough space, there will be no heating, no flies between the product and it will grow all natural. But it’s more than chemically untreated. It’s growing with respect for the area, respect for the season and with pride.

Italian cuisine varies by region, because all ingredients come from a radius of about thirty kilometres. We don’t want to go that far, but our organic products have never been in a plane and they were never heated or enlighten during the cultivation. These are products that have been in the soil and which fit the season. But that also has consequences. I’m happy to help chefs move to organic. Virtually every product is also available as an organic product. But one must be aware, organic also means we have to sell ‘no’ every once in a while.’

When we can’t get good tomatoes, we’ll certainly not fly them over. But during the summer season i can have over a hundred varieties of tomatoes. Chefs should be prepared to take certain products of their menu when they’re not available in a given period. That’s the consequence of choosing organic products”

Thanks to Perry, First-Tree has access now to some 100 bio-farmers and we look forward to serve their industry to the best of our ability.


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